Today, let's learn about the 3rd kanji in the grade 1 list. Enjoy:)
Strokes               8
On-reading          u
Kun-reading        ame, ama ~
Meanings            rain, rainfall

                                           Radical: ame 

Hi everyone,

Today I'm gonna show you the second kanji in the grade 1 kanji list.
Today Kanji is as the following:
Strokes              5
On-reading        u, yuu
Kun-reading       migi
Meanings           right, right wing

                                                       Radical: kuchi
Hi everyone, just as promised, from today on I will try my best to continue post new Kanji on this blog session.

For those of you don't know, Japanese school children first learn hiragana and katakana, then from grades one to six, the 1006 'Education Kanji' characters. If you are not familiar with kanji, click here for more info.

I think you just have to learn about 2, 136 Kanji in order to be able to write and read fluently in Japanese. These 2, 136 kanji is called the "Joyo Kanji", which means common used kanji in daily life.

In today lesson, I teach you the first kanji from the grade one category. Enjoy:)

Strokes          1
On-reading     ichi, itsu
Kun-reading    hito(tsu)
Meanings       one, unity

                                                                     Radical: ichi


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